Gibbon Sentence [Busyn]

Since the beginning, the development of technology has been a key influence in the growth of humanity. We are now able to connect with the rest of the world at a push of a button. It is nearly impossible to avoid technology within one’s community in a given day. Even though technology has made society what it is today, it has brought about much debate as to how much of it is beneficial.

Every morning hundreds of thousands of iPhone’s alarms sound to wake someone up. Due to this it is almost the instant reaction for one to press snooze or pick up their phone, turn off the alarm and check if they have any new texts or snapchats. This checking of the phone has quickly turned into part of everyone’s everyday routine. There is a sudden attachment to a cellphone that has become clear in recent years. When you are on your phone, are you connected to the world around you? Or are you disconnected from what is right in front of you? Cellphones have quickly become an obsession rather than a necessity. Parents are getting their children cellphones at an age that seems very early since we didn’t one until we were much older. Who is to blame for this epidemic? The parents? Or Society?

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