Introduction [Osmond]

Hello, I am Jared Osmond. I was born in Burlingame, California and I grew up in the Bay Area. I have lived in the Bay Area all of my life until I moved to San Diego. I chose USD because I wanted to go to a school in Southern California, and what better place to chose than somewhere that is right by the beach. I have 1 sibling, a younger sister named Caitlin who just started middle school this year. I also have two dogs, Parker and Teagan, who are a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and an English Cocker Spaniel, respectively.

Some of my interests include lacrosse, hiking, hockey, and going to the beach to name a few. I first started playing lacrosse in 4th grade, and I plan to continue to play on the club team here at USD. I also enjoy traveling. This summer, I went to Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, France, and England. While at Vatican City, my family and I were able to see the Pope! Switzerland was my favorite country, however, because of how beautiful the landscape was.

Right now I am undeclared at USD, but I have a keen interest in studying in the business field. My favorite class as of now at USD is philosophy because it challenges my beliefs and the way I think about life. It is refreshing to have a new perspective of an idea that you already felt that you understood. I am excited about what the next four years will bring me and improve my writing skills in this class.

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