Upcoming SOLES Events!

Hello CMFT Students,
Here is important information regarding upcoming SOLES events we hope to see many of you participate in!
  • The SOLES’ 5th annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Excellence Showcaseis around the corner; the event is on April 20th, but the deadline to submit your abstracts to present your research is April 6th! Participating in the showcase is an opportunity to share your important work and/or research with others, work out kinks in presentations for conferences or class, receive feedback and insight with folks across SOLES.
    • The event will feature works from the SOLES community spanning across studies of education, counseling, marital and family therapy, and leadership.
    • This year’s theme is “Disrupting DEI: How about Belonging, Dignity and Justice?” based on an article by Aida Mariam Davis, founder, and CEO of Decolonize Design
    • Form to submit abstract by April 6th
    • Questions can be directed to Maritza Aragon, Dean’s Office EA.
For those of you participating in the showcase or for those of you preparing presentations for coursework, the SOLES Writing Center has an upcoming workshop related to presenting skills! Link to register and event description is below
  • Top Tips for Delivering Dynamic Presentations
    • Every graduate student needs to perfect three crucial skills to successfully deliver final presentations, job talks, proposal and dissertation defenses, and conference presentations. This in-person, hands-on workshop focuses on the top tips for fielding questions and answers, perfecting a captivating delivery style, and crafting compelling digestible content The workshop activities also include small group practice and feedback.
    • Register: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

– CMFT Department

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