Unfolding Humanity Behind the Scenes Event 4/28

“Unfolding Humanity” is a massive, interactive sculpture: a metal dodecahedron (10’ tall, 40’ wide) built of LED illuminated pentagonal acrylic faces on top of a metal framework. • Unfolding the panels coveys Albrecht Dürer’s 500-year-old unsolved math problem, where participants Continue reading

Jacobs Institute: Graduate Research Assistant

The Jacobs Institute has a new research project, and we want to hire a graduate research assistant to help with data analysis and writing this summer. For this project, we are doing a follow-up evaluation of an innovative post-secondary pathway program, creating a professional manual with practical tools to Continue reading

SOLES Writing Center

The new SOLES Writing Center is now open! The center will provide workshops and coaching for SOLES graduate students. We have sevearl writing workshops coming to help prepare students for their capstone and action research projects! * The Action Research Project: Continue reading