Gibbon Paragraph [Etherington]

My topic is not a scapegoat nor was it drafted out of pure laziness. My topic is in fact not having a topic at all. Not because I’m not creative or because I neglected to tune into my inner thoughts, but rather because my current mental state does not give me the ability to dive deeply into a single thought. My mind is currently in shambles, with individual thoughts broken into pieces unable to form a comprehensive train of thought or emotion. My brain does not have the power to open up about individual topics because it’s too busy trying to sort through the millions of smaller ideas that have caused such a disaster for my conscious. Maybe it’s because I’m sick, causing me to be tired which then makes the transmission of ideas difficult to express purely. Or maybe it’s because I’m stressed with so much going on around me it’s hard to grasp an individual idea. Maybe what my mind needs is rest, a pause on reality and a vacation for the subconscious to regain it’s ability to think deeply once again.

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