Gibbon Paragraph [Humphreys]

The view from the University of San Diego is something I take for granted. It is so amazing how much we can see from our hill. The best part of the view is the ocean, it is something that never gets old. It is so insane to me how much the ocean holds, it is home for so many animals and it is like one big giant playground for them. My favorite animal is the Whale Shark; although its size and huge mouth might scare you, it is actually extremely gentle. They are so massive, humans look like ants next to them. My lifelong dream is to swim with them, the experience would be so amazing and give a whole new perspective to life. Another thing I want to do in the ocean is go cage shark diving. It would be so scary and so cool at the same time. Being so close to an animal we all fear would be an amazing feeling. The ocean holds so much and it is so sad we can never actually experience the whole thing because it is so big. The ocean holds so many secrets from history we will never know and the mystery of that is something I love.

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