First Draft [Wiley]

From the moment Victor Frankenstein left home to attend University of Ingolstadt, he had an interest in chemistry and philosophy. Victor’s professor M. Waldman played a huge role in encouraging Victor to pursue a path that grew upon his love for chemistry and dove deeper into the discoveries of the origin of life. Being so interested in this idea, Victor decided to try and create life out of death, later seeing it as his biggest mistake. He regrets his creation upon its very “birth” and leaves it all alone with no sense of the world it has just entered. The creature seems to act just like any other human with feelings and comprehension skills, but goes through life with no guidance or instruction from another being. While stumbling to figure his way in the world, the creature gets himself into lots of trouble and reeks havoc in Victor’s life. Although Victor believes creating such a ugly beast is his worst mistake, he real mistake is leaving his creation alone is a world in which it knew nothing about.

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