Predictions [Karam]

Vannevar Bush predicts inventions that could possibly be created in the future, with the constant advances in technology. All of the potential Inventions, had the same thing in common; they were to create more storage room and metaphorically expand the memory of a human brain. One invention/idea was using photography, we could replace paper used in books like the Encyclopedia with microfilm, decreasing the thickness of the book, so that they could fit a library of a million volumes and compress it into a small tiny area. This prediction of his, did not happen, and the internet was used to store encyclopedias instead. Another invention, was the main one of his article, called the “memex”. It was a desk, with screens that stored information about everything. It was supposed to be a device that gave quick access to retrieve information from the screen, and your friends could use it as well. Only a small part of the memex was used for storage, the rest was used for mechanism. This device was not exactly invented, but similar devices with the same functions were. The computer with access to the Internet, resembles Bush’s memex. Bush’s drawings and ideas of possible devices, may have never been invented, but he did have an idea of what the future would hold.

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