First Draft [Morris]

Making mistakes is a large part of life, but how one handles them can display what kind of a person they are. The novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, contains a sea of mistakes by Victor Frankenstein, but the first and most vital one was Frankenstein believing he could create life. Through his arrogant nature, Frankenstein neglected to accept women as the sole creators of life, abused his power as a human scientist, and failed to look after the life he had created. These fatal mistakes allowed for Frankenstein himself to become the monster and harm his entire family.

The biggest mistake by Victor Frankenstein was his idea to create life in the first place. Frankenstein was brought up in a wealthy, intellectual family, but he experienced a lot of tragedy as a child. In particular the death of his mother at age ? was very traumatic for him. This was evident later on in life when he became a scientist at the University of Ingolstadt and wanted to recreate life from dead bodies.

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