As We May Think Article Predictions [Worthington]

Vannevar Bush, writes this well constructed piece with dense intellectually historic material in regards to his overall idea, that science can offer vast improvements of individuals acquiring knowledge, and it also has the power to offer such strong data bases stored with a variety of information. The memex is arguably the stepping stone to what might have revolutionized a technology spark in the new developments of electric communication and information storing. With his scientific background the ability to revolutionize technology and by the means humans interact and live throughout life is quite an accomplishment. His prediction of voice recognitions and advancements that have been improved on and used throughout life, is a key feature of our technological society. Also his thought provoking ideas of mass communication and storage of information is very spot on as many companies and resources are founded off large data bases. His technological predictions were quite accurate as many ideas have been developed and a part of many individuals lives.

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