Technology Final [Zachariou]

Technology is greatly incorporated into our culture, where we use it in our everyday lives, even in its simplest form, such as listening to music. This constant association with technology, causes individuals to develop a dependence towards it. Over many years, technology has notably advanced, shaping what society is today. Technology has increasingly become more involved in our lives, and the world would be a completely transformed place without it. Although its impact sounds more negative, technology has a dualistic influence. For me, I have personally encountered more of the positive aspects of technology in my life.

My first experience in which I can remember with technology, would have to be at the doctors office. I recall examining all the unusual equipment that filled the small room and the devices that the doctor used on me. It amazed me how these instruments could help determine if you were sick, and even possibly save your life. As time progressed, these devices did too. There are now medical machines, which work much faster with more precision, which can target certain diseases, or technology which allows the performance of transplants. There are numerous advances regarding medical technology that greatly recover sick individuals.

The other early technology experience I have had, was the cell phone. My first cell phone was in middle school, where I got my mom’s old red Verizon flip phone. It did not have internet, however I was able to text and call. I barely ever used it, mainly because many other kids in my grade hadn’t gotten their first cell phone yet. However, as we got older, more kids in school got cell phones, causing my increase usage of it. I then got my first iPhone, which did have internet on it. Personally, I never really used my iPhone as much. I think the main reason for that was my parents would take my phone at ten o’clock every night, to make sure I got sleep. In addition, when I was younger, my parents would place time limits on how long I could use the internet/computer, ensuring that I would go out and spend time with my family and friends. A positive aspect to having mobile internet, was that I was able to expand my curiosity. Having such easy access to the internet, I am able to obtain important information about any of my interests and act on them. All throughout middle school and high school, I was able to easily access the internet to retrieve information that I was either curious about or needed for an assignment. Once securing this information, I was able to build on my new knowledge and develop new questions to inquire about.

Although I have had more of a positive experience regarding technology, I am aware of the negative features it conveys. Even though technology has advanced the practice of medicine significantly, there are certain aspects which could be harmful to society. For instance, having well-developed machines tend to take the occupations of workers, or genetically engineering your own child rids humans morality and is considered unethical. In addition, I have seen cell phones being one of the biggest issues of technology. They can act as a distraction, causing car accidents, and establish dependency/addiction. Cell phones have overrun peoples lives.

Technology can be extremely beneficial, such as seen in my personal experience, however,  can be detrimental to society. Being assertive and placing time limits on kids devices could really make a difference while they’re growing up. Cell phones and other technology devices are not made to be a distraction, rather developed to make people’s lives easier. Society has the power to control their usage of technology, and unfortunately many of them choose not to.

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