Technology Final [Walz]

Growing up in the 2000s meant I grew up surrounded by technology and got to experience growing with new inventions that changed the world and the way we live.We are surrounded by technology that has been created to make our lives easier. Our advanced water systems allow so many people to live in San Diego, a beautiful desert that would not have nearly as much grass as it does now with all the sprinklers. These inventions have enhanced our human experienced allowing us to have time to focus on other things than just survival. The inventions of cellular phones was created with the same intent of helping with communication between people.

I remember being only in the 2nd grade when I was given my first phone. After my dad had forgotten to pick me up a couple times because he fell asleep on the couch, my parents thought that me having a phone would be a great way for me to contact them when there was an emergency, or to wake them up and remind them to come get me from school. I soon recieved a pink Motorola razor flip phone that I barely knew how to use. I did not know how to create contacts or send messages but I did have both my parents phone numbers memorized and my house phone memorized. I only called those three numbers and that was all I ever needed. This was my first real experience with technology, making me feel safe to have the ability to contact my parents in any emergency. Now at age 19 I am constantly using my iPhone for daily tasks. When I get lost I immediately go to my phone for directions, if I need a quick answer to a question I can check my phone for it, the purpose of my phone has changed and although it is very helpful it also can make me feel trapped at times being so dependent on it.

The way we humans interact with technology now has become like an addiction. Teenagers are constantly on their phones now, not just to contact people for important information or emergencies but just to pass time or avoid eye contact with someone passing by. We live in an amazing time where we can take these advancements for granted and use a machine such as a laptop to watch funny videos of cats being afraid of cucumbers. Technology has allowed humans to live a life of comfort and ease but comes with its own consequences such as anxiety from social media and other health problems physical and mental. Our society has been so shaped by social media it’s hard to get away. My phone has become my direct plug to knowing what my friends are doing and at times its great to be able to keep in touch, but not all of what we see online is the truth. I am grateful for all that technology has allowed us to accomplish but it does come with the responsibility of remembering to take care of ourselves first. Phones are a great way to stay in touch with the people far away from us but we also have to remember about the people physically there around us.

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