Introduction [Etherington]

Hi my names Harrison Etherington.

I’m from Las Vegas, NV and was also born in Las Vegas. Most of my family lives within the Southern California area and Connecticut. Both of my parents work in sales and my older brother is a recent graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Currently my brother is a broker for a large international firm out of Las Vegas and sells commercial real-estate. I have four dogs, two west highland terriers, one airedale terrier, and one wheaten terrier. I came to USD because my grandparents lived in the Carlsbad area from 2004 until 2018; to avoid the hot Las Vegas summers I would stay in their beach house for most of the summer every year which is how I discovered USD. I’ve always wanted to go to USD. I’m currently on the pre-medical track aiming to go to medical school following graduation. I’m planning on becoming a dermatologist, however that seems to change frequently. In my free time I like to go for long runs and go hiking. I also really enjoy to read nonfiction novels to expand my knowledge on a broad range of topics. Besides being a doctor, one day I want to travel the world, but specifically want to see eastern Europe. My grandpa is from Slovakia and has always told me about his life in Europe and his travels throughout Europe and other parts of the world which has been a large influence on places I’d like to see one day.

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