Prospectus [Rai]

I’m thinking about writing about the development of space tourism, and how it will affect our society. I believe the problem is that space travel will cause people to abandon fixing the issues here on earth, instead focusing on the prospect of moving onto another planet. People will see moving to mars as an eventuality, and will stop trying to save the earth from our destructive processes, and will stop solving the problems important to our survival on earth, like green renewable energy, deforestation, and greenhouse gases. People will bet on mars as a backup plan, and eventually, if we do end up moving to mars, the same thing will happen there, except this time we will have nowhere to go. As well as societal issues, there are many safety issues to be considered first, as we are not yet at the point of offering completely safe, efficient space travel, or even safe ways to live in space. There are even legal issues, as space no longer becomes a place exclusive to the wealthy, laws people are subject to come into question, as no nation has geographical jurisdiction over any part of space.

The first source I plan to use (which needs to be approved by Dr.Evans) is an article published in the Vision Research journal, which talks about various nuclear particles that can cause many different issues with vision and headaches. Another source (also not approved) could be an article published in the European Journal of Nutrition, which talks about various nutrition issues astronauts have struggled with. Problems like these, which have been overlooked by companies simply trying to ferry passengers into space, need to be looked at before seriously committing millions of dollars to research towards commercial space travel. Issues such as nutrition, as most food is freeze dried to help rockets fly without excess water weight, and vision issues due to prolonged exposure to a space environment are just two safety concerns overlooked by major space organizations like NASA and SpaceX. Another source ( also to be approved) could be an article in the journal acta astronautica, on the legal challenges of space travel, and how the technological challenges and commercial challenges of consistent space travel must be dealt with equally.

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