Prospectus [Nava]

I plan to write my research paper through a psychological view on how technology can effect human behavior, mental health, and cause other psychological issues. Sherry Turkle’s novel Alone Together is based on dozens of interviews revealing how the relationships between friends, parents, and children are effected due to technology and how it can cause “emotional dislocation.” In Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now Jaron Lanier refers to social media as poison and gives an alternative to live a fuller and healthier life by getting rid of social media which can cause unhappiness and loss of personal dignity. Growing up in a very technology based era, I’ve seen first hand the effect different types of technology can have, and how deteriorating it can be to mental health and human behavior which makes me feel obligated to address it. Research has shown a cause of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders due to social media. Emotional instability is just one factor, technology can effect our sleeping patterns, our memory, obesity, headaches, and loss of eyesight. Although technology is a great resource available to us, it is important to be aware of its consequences.

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