Prospectus [Macias]

I would like to write my research paper on the effects of social media on society. I would like to include the positive side of what social media has brought to our society along with the negative effects. When most people talk about social media, we think of the negative effects that it has brought us. I; however, think there are positive sides and our country would not be as developed as it is without the outburst of social media use all around. I am still unsure on what to completely focus on because I would like to narrow my subject even more than just positive and negative effects. If I were not to go along with social media, I would like to look into technology in the United States compared to technology in under privileged countries. In that sense, I would look at the way the society lives their lives. For example, it has been shown that people in the U.S. are living a more stressed life because of how much we depend on technology. I find that very interesting as I have seen that with my eyes.

Along with all the positive there are definitely many problems with social media. Social media has taken a big role in mental health and development of young children and even adults. I would talk about problems that have been seen in the different types of apps that are offered and most popular. By doing this I would like to find major problems that continue to arise, such as bullying. I would like to find a reputable source that would show what the world would be like without social media. 

Sources that I’m going to use or look into using are a few listed from the handout including “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other” and Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. After reading these I would like to possibly have a more narrow viewpoint of what I exactly want to write about. I am going to continue looking through Copley library to find sources as well as trying to narrowing my prompt between technology and social media. 

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