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My research paper will discuss how the addition of technology into our society has changed how we interact with each other. For example, how children grow up and don’t have meaningful relationships with others because of dependence on technology and phones. People would rather have online friendships or lives instead of participating and having real life meaningful friendships. One reason is because they don’t know how, we grew up tethered to phones and in the age of social media and that’s what we know and some people are comfortable there. Society is learning to be scared of interactions because they can’t be edited and perfected, they show your true self.

I want to discuss this problem in society and how it affects people and how they grow up and experience relationships. Does the new generation have less meaningful interactions and relationships? What is the root cause of this problem? Technology, social media, family? How do we fix this problem? Sherry Turkle discusses how people create relationships with technology instead of humans and the possibility of technology taking over human interaction. Also, does this only affect humans and strangers or does it affect the family dynamic and our relationships there as well?

I don’t know if the Sherry Turkle book will highlight the side I want to discuss as much as it does humans having relationships with technology. An article I found named “Digital Dwelling: Technology in Couple and Family Relationships” is closer to the idea I want to explore. I would also like to look more into how it affects children growing up and their ideas of relationships and how they form. Not only technology but social media affects our relationships. Kids these days can run to social media when they have problems instead of friends and family. All of these are problems with intimacy and relations today.

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