Technology Final [Amoura]

Technology has been a beneficial factor in my day to day life ever since I was introduced to the internet at the age of seven. Practical technology has taken many years to implement into our society but it all began with the popularization and fascination of artificial intelligence or as we call them “machines”. Artificial intelligence is an extremely controversial topic due to entertainment released during the 90’s and early 00’s. These entertainment movies and clips depicted and predicted that the artificial intelligence that we had created as mankind is going to gain conscience and be self-aware. The ultimate fear however, is that these beings will overthrow the human race as the apex and most advanced species and enslave all of humanity as we become far less superior beings. In my current time, this idea is far from a reality. However, we have grown far more dependable on AI leading a global push to make “machines” a staple of the commercial world. This is because AI learn at a faster pace than humans and operation costs is incomparable of that to a human worker. This said, commercial machinery has a long way to advance especially in the fast food market.

During my experiences at the large franchise McDonalds over the years, I noticed machine stations that can take orders faster than the individuals behind the counter. I was doubtful at first since a simple order like french-fries would end up being a coffee and nuggets as the system would glitch and give the kitchen a different order. This personally occurred many times when the technology was still being implemented during the early 2000’s. As the years past however, these ordering machines have significantly been improved. No longer would I have to call for assistance as the AI would charge me for five burgers instead of one. I now can walk into any fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Burger King as an example and go to the ordering machines as it significantly reduces the wait time and the nuisance of explaining to an employee exactly what you want hoping they punch in your order correctly into the cash register. The addition of AI machinery helps fundamentally the idea of fast food. AI speed up the process and create a distinct mental separation for the consumer between a traditional restaurant setting and an establishment that serves food swiftly for busy individual.

The intertwining between man and machine is a positive because it allows companies to be more efficient. As a student highly interested in starting a business, the cheaper inputs and production costs allows for maximum profit for a corporation allowing reinvestment into AI technology. These automated machines are also highly adaptive and are not required to follow human regulations and health laws thus allowing an owner of a business to jump through less regulation “hoops”. The biggest advantage of AI however, is that they do not require a monthly pay and if functional, will serve the company indefinitely without any opposition.


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