Gibbon Sentence [Amoura]

It is arguable to assume that advances in technology in practical terms is beneficial to the human race. I was in the same boat of thought until i first hand discovered the negative and shifty side of online shopping. It was the summer months between high school and college that i decided to buy my essential college supplies. Like many individuals in my age range, i turned to Amazon as it has now become the standard to purchase a variety of goods with a simple click of a finger. I had decided that it was vital to purchase new headphones for my computer to assist me in keeping my focus on my schoolwork and  also for entertainment  purposes like music and videos without bothering others around me. On impulse, I typed in “Headphones under $300” into the Amazon search bar and I added the first pair that came up to my online shopping cart. I had just made a very harmful assumption that Amazon as the largest most popular online seller would check their third party sellers products and verify that the pricing is representative to the value of the product before recommending it as a “hot deal”. As the coming weeks passed closer to the first day of college, my headphones arrived in the mail. As i opened my paper package, i was immediately disappointed as i had just payed 275 dollars for Chinese made plastic headphones that did not even come with a carrying case.To add salt to the wound, these headphones broke after a week of careful casual use.  If conventional technology stores where more popularized and readily available in my hometown, I would of avoided this complication entirely and not been fooled by a trusted internet online store.

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