Finals Week Resources

We know finals week can be a stressful time! That’s why we’ve prepared a toolkit for you with a bunch of great information for helping you be the most successful you can be as you prepare for finals and finishing the year on a high note. We’ll be thinking creatively on how to bring less-stress your way for Fall 2020 in a remote format. Check back here as we get closer to finals week!

We are here to support you and help you find the tools and resources you need to be your most healthy and successful self.

Finals Week Schedule

Your complete list of the finals week exam schedule, study days, and computer lab hours.

Study Spaces and Library Hours

Are you looking for a productive (quiet, collaborative, open-late) place to study? We’ve got you covered!

Improve your Study Skills

Are you looking for some resources for making the most of your study time? Check out these helpful strategies for enhancing the way you approach your study sessions.

Stress Management Tips

Stress is your body’s way of reacting to the demands of daily life. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences and we all react to it differently. We know that college can be stressful but we are here to support you during your time at the University of San Diego. Take a few minutes to review our information on stress to make sure that you have positive coping strategies for managing yours. Also, stop by one of the Pop-up Stress Less Stations on December 10th and 11th for a stress ball, sleep masks, play-doh, and other great stress-relieving tips and resources!

Test Taking Skills

When it comes time to take a test, it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and even anxious. We have put together some tips to help you navigate different styles of tests and strategies for tackling exams so you can be your most successful!

Time Management Tools

Did you know that developing systems of organization and time management can greatly reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity? Learn more about managing your time effectively.

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Fall 2020

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Time: 12pm – 2pm
Location: We’ll be thinking creatively on how to bring our favorite furry friends to you virtually!