Healthy Relationships

Relationships take many forms, from friendships to romantic relationships and even the relationships we have with our roommates. Every relationship is unique and each person brings important pieces to the table, such as values, strengths, and interests. These individual characteristics are what allow us to grow and learn from one another but can also cause points of tension and challenge within a relationship.

It is important to learn and practice skills to navigate relational challenges in order to foster more respectful, positive relationships in your life. Relationships should bring us joy and fulfillment. The information provided here is meant to help you build and sustain healthy relationships in your life.

Healthy Relationship Factors

Review common factors that build and sustain a healthy relationship as well as those that create an unhealthy relationship.


Learn tools for improving communication in your relationships.


Learn what boundaries are and why they are important to discuss and respect in every relationship.

Conflict Management

Learn skills for navigating conflict in a respectful, positive way.