Gibbon Paragraph [Valian]

Sun beating down, contrasting with a nice breeze, peacefulness runs throughout the garden. The large shady tree in the middle, produces a view of the coastline behind it. A variety of flowers appear in full bloom, each a different distinct color, swaying in the direction of the breeze. Laying on the grass immediately calms you down, almost making you drowsy. It puts you at ease in the surroundings and the mix of the warmth of the sun and the chill of the breeze lets you feel relaxed at a perfect temperature. Walking out to the garden, you hear the varied noises of birds and small insects flying around. As you make your way down, you pass a reflection pool, showcasing the selections of the bright sky and overlooking trees. The sky is mixed with a multitude of clouds, allowing the sun enough room to break through. Walking amongst the flowers, you see a jaw-dropping view, standing on the edge of a bluff that overlooks San Diego and the coastline. You see the glistening ocean and bays and how the whole atmosphere seems to be brighter and content when being brightened up because of the sun. Sitting down under the shady tree, you feel composed and are able to sit there motionlessly, observing the pleasing nature. The bright colors of the flowers and the warmth of the sun give you motivation and improve your mood, as you are able to experience the quietness of peace.

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