First Draft [Raboutou]

Option 3:

As human beings new have responsibilities that we must be held to. Whether it is a responsibility to yourself, you children or your parents there are actions that must be performed to keep each other in check. In Mary Shelly’s book Frankenstein, one of the main characters Victor creates a “monster” using old body parts and chemicals. Victor has had a hard upbringing including the passing of his mother towards the beginning of the book. While studying at the University of Ineglstgod he created this find which he then abounded when it came to life. A reoccurring problem in the book is whether Victor neglected his responsibility as a creator when he abounded the monster. I think that Victor was responsible in raising the monster and as he failed to do this horrifying presents preceded.

In the book Victor shows that his only regret was creating the monster in the first place and not abandoning it when it came to life.

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