Predictions [Valian]

My prediction for As We May Think by Vannevar Bush, was that the article was going to consist of futuristic myths contrasting with the reality of society. I thought that Bush would talk about false evidence that many people believe in and then opposing those views by writing about the truth. After reading the article thoroughly, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my predictions were very different from what the article was actually about. In the article, Vannevar talks about the concepts of human memory and the techniques by the body’s ability to remember, organize, and process thoughts and other items. Written in 1945, it is crazy to see how similar his predictions are in present time and how almost every single one of his predictions were correct and are now used in everyday manner. Vannevar also discusses the effect of technology’s ability to improve the sciences and allow scientists to further their experiments. Camera devices, such as the photocell, allow improved quality and a deeper insight while scientists make their observations. The camera has the ability to take multiple photos without the scientist even having to press a button. He predicts that technology should not just be about material goods, but consisting of other necessities.

Discuss the differences between the two articles

Discuss the differences between past predictions and the present and how these predictions have blended into today

-iPhone composed of small switches arranged (transistor)

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