Predictions [Rivas]

Vannevar Bush predicts that technologies to come will allow people to do things more efficiently than ever before, at a cost lower than before. Much of the technologies he predicts are strikingly similar to technologies we have today.

One form of technology he discusses is the development of photography. He predicts we will have cameras that are incredibly small and produce high-quality images easily. Bush states that people will wear these cameras on their foreheads and have a button to take a picture concealed on a string down one’s sleeve, then the image will appear on the person’s glasses. This theory is reminiscent of the GoPro camera or other body cameras that, instead of utilizing a string, connect to one’s mobile device and allow the user to perform almost any activity while¬†capturing high-quality images. His theory of glasses that display an image are becoming more feasible as VR has already become mainstream and smart glasses like the ones Bush describes are in a beta stage. However, unlike Bush’s predictions, the two technologies are not bound to each other. Today the devices are used¬†separately or with other technologies like a smartphone or a personal computer.

Bush also predicts voice-activated or controlled technology. He describes technologies that allow the user to voice a command and the device would recognize the command and show the user a photo or piece of information. This is similar to the AI-controlled technology we have today. However the voice-active technology of today is much more developed than Bush had predicted, it now is engrained in everyday technology.

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