As We May Think Article Predictions [Walz]

In the article As We May Think by Vannevar Bush he follows the way in which items are invented by humans and how they help further our evolution. This article was written in 1945 and he explores the possibly of future machines that will be created. One of the inventions he predicts is a sort of Artificial Intelligence but he does not believe it could be developed to be as advanced as the human thought process. Although very close in his prediction, he does not correctly get how far AI has actually come and will continue to go when it comes to decision making and memory. These new machines are able to store data and learn from it, being able to make decisions off of those experiences. Bush believes there will be AI to aid humans but not to stand equal to them. He very accurately depicts a sort of online library which is basically like the search engines we use today to find information we need. He also predicts there will be a system that can connect different articles or pictures which is very similar to what we have on the internet with suggestions. The invention of smartphones would be a very real example that gathers a lot of the predictions he made.

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