Technology Final [Garcia]

For as long as people can remember, technology has played an essential role in all aspects of life. From something so primitive like the invention of the wheel to the printing press to more recently Bill Gates progressing the invention of the computer, technology has existed in a variety of different forms over numerous centuries. When I was born, in 1999, technology was just beginning to develop into the way it is known today. Further, growing up in the 2000s, I was constantly surrounded by technology in my day to day life, especially with both of my parents having careers centered around technology. In college, my Mom majored in photography and so growing up my whole childhood has been captured on a number of different mediums, particularly videos and photos. Additionally, my Dad worked at Microsoft for nearly 30 years. Because of this, my household always had the latest and greatest gadgets and technology was integrated into my life as a child. From VHS tapes, to computer games on the first ever iMac computer to Polaroid cameras later to iPads and smartphones, however, as a child during a time where modern technology was not yet fully developed, I was still able to use my creative mind and social skills through play without technology.

When I was younger, having my life documented on video camera since I was a baby, I always loved watching videos and being in front of the camera. When I was 8 years old, I received my first recording gadget – a Flip video camera. I brought this video camera everywhere with me; on the way to school, to my friends’ houses, to outings with my family. My friends and I would integrate the video camera into our play time. For hours on end, we would come up with our own skits and reenact them in front of the camera. Around this time, I decided to make a Youtube channel and begin editing my own videos. From music videos to baking shows, I began to tap in to my creative side and create videos, however, I am definitely not the next Stephen Spielberg. Because of my Flip camera, I found a love for creating videos, especially capturing memories that I could have forever. My love for documenting memories carried out in to my later years where numerous times I recorded and put together a reality-show style video of my family vacation, memories that will now last a lifetime!

All forms of technology were created with a common goal to improve society and the general quality of life. In my experience, this has in fact proven true. Today, technology plays a great role in my day to day life. Everything I do in my life today uses technology; my iPhone, taking notes in school on my laptop, and even doing my makeup with my light-up mirror. The influence technology had on my childhood has carried on to influence how I interact with technology today. For example, my desire to use my phone and social media apps to capture my life, just as my life was captured on a video camera when I was younger. I love using various apps like Snapchat and Instagram to document and keep memories that I can look back on forever. Despite this, being a child in a generation where technology was not yet fully integrated into every aspect of life, I can fully appreciate times free of technology to be able to experience life without being “plugged in”.

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