Technology Final [Hinek]

Since I can remember, technology has played a part in my life.However, as I grow up, it’s influence becomes greater and greater.From the moment I was born pictures and videos were taken of me, then I grew up watching T.V and playing computer games, and later on things got more advanced with the release of the “ipod” and from there technology has boomed so much that it’s rare to see someone without a phone in their hands. I like to believe as technology becomes a bigger part of my life, it helps me out more, yet I question if the days of simple technology were better. One of my first experiences with technology remains one of my most memorable. When I was younger, about 7 or 8 years old, me, my older brother, and my neighbor would all got to our computer room-since laptops weren’t a thing back then-and play games. We spent hours scrolling through the Disney channel website and finding the best games to play. I can still remember our favorite games, The Zach and Cody hotel room game, and the Lilo and Stitch build your own alien game. We would stay there for hours laughing and trying to get the best scores. Although it was so simple, just playing some computer games, I have some great memories from those days and I bonded so much with my brother and neighbor in that time.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the lesson I learned from playing those games is really valuable to me. It sounds crazy that I could’ve learned a life lesson by playing Disney Channel computer games, but it’s true. The best thing I learned from my time with my brother and neighbor was that you can incorporate technology into your entertainment without isolating yourself. We spent a lot of our time on the computer, but the real bonding took place in our interactions with each other. We used the entertainment we got from the games to make our own fun. Technology only aided in our time spent with each other, we didn’t completely rely on it. Using technology to your benefit, while still interacting with the people around you is a really valuable skill to master, especially for the generation were living in now. technology is nowhere from going away, in fact it’s presence is just going to become greater, but I hope to always remember to use it sparingly. It definitely adds a lot of convenience and entertainment to my life, yet the people around you and the current moment is always something I want to be aware of and present in.

Older generations love to bash on new generations and our addiction to technology. Although sometimes I can see where they are coming from, technology is a really good thing. Technology had advanced so many lives from easier communication to ground-breaking medical miracles. However, too much of anything can be bad and that’s how I like to look at technology. I am so lucky to grow up in such an advanced generation, however it’s important to not let the draw of easy entertainment take away what is real in front of you. As long as technology is not consuming my life and I am aware of the limits I should set, it should only aid my life.


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