Genres Final [Humphreys]

College essays are everyones biggest nightmare, they are insanely stressful and you spend half the time thinking about what you should write. The responses submitted by you, weigh heavily on whether or not you get into that school. However, when you finally come up with the topic that suits you and the school it is the biggest rush, the words just start to flow onto the page. Typically a college essay is about a milestone in your life or something that has made you the person you are today. ¬†Although this may seem simple it is quite difficult, you have to be able to stand out among 10,000 other applicants. Similar to how Dirk describes country songs they are all alike and tend to sound the same, the key is setting yourself apart from everyone else. My essay was about shoveling horse poop for a month at summer camp. You might be asking yourself, how do you write a college essay about that? Anything that you believe has contributed to who you are can be turned into an essay. You want the person reading your essay to get a sense of who you are and what you could bring to that college campus. By elaborating on your personal life to the reader they can visualize you as a person and not just a piece of paper or gpa. Using your own memories and experiences this is what Dirk describes in her article as Rhetorical Situation. My story is about shoveling poop in the heat of the day, it was exhausting and often times I didn’t want to do it, but when the campers came to the barn they always had smiles on their faces and it was so rewarding. Later I explain the connection between this and the real world, without hard work there is no reward. I wanted to show the reader I was determined and would put in the hard work while at college. This essay is your shot at telling the admission’s committee who you are in 600 words.

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  1. Mary, I like the way in which you showed how you chose a specific topic that worked within the rhetorical situation to achieve the intended action (your admission to USD). As you revise your post, add a little more information about the way in which college admissions essays are a distinct genre in the terms that Dirk puts forward.

  2. I like how personal and concise your writing is! I think that as you revise find ways to describe how Dirk defines a genre and relate this to your own thought-process of writing the college app essay. Maybe add the idea of rhetoric in your essay. Great job!

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