Suggestions [Mumford]

I liked the theme of the course, especially because there are so many innovations happening in our time, it makes it really interesting to take a step back and analyze the consequences. I think that Frankenstein is a good book to read to write a comparative essay like we did as well.

I also liked the activity when we went outside to the garden of the sea and thought about a paragraph and came back to write it. It’s always nice to get out of the classroom and have time to our thoughts, especially when it’s nice weather outside.

I think that adding in a few more responses, maybe short 1 page things to articles or papers could be a good way to keep the class engaged. We did a lot of peer review this term which was helpful for the first days, but I think that it works best when we have a really solid rough draft instead of just the very early stages. So maybe keeping the two big papers, but adding in a few short responses to relevant articles could replace time spent reviewing very incomplete drafts.

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