Frankenstein Feedback [Nava]

In Mina’s essay of Frankenstein she addresses how the creature should not have been abandoned by Victor and how this was the biggest mistake. This shifted my perspective as she had several good counterarguments to my idea that the biggest mistake was creating the monster. However she also addresses the mistake of creating the monster in the first place by mentioning that if Victor hadn’t created the monster in the first place, there would be no further issue, but goes back to her main idea by saying that if Victor hadn’t left the creature due to fear and had addressed his actions the monster would never have posed a threat. I enjoy the manner in which Mina constructs this essay by adding analogies and situations to back up her argument and make the text easier to understand, she says that if you left a child alone in a room with no parents and no boundaries that would certainly eat a lot of candy, l similarly the creature is left alone and has no rules or directory on what he should do. She provides a good point towards her argument at the end of her essay when she says that the reason the largest mistake wasn’t creating the monster was because this could have been a learning experience and the problem was not taking action towards the creation. She believes and provides a valid point that Victor’s scientific experiment became dangerous because he neglected to consider the negative consequences.Overall she provides great backup towards her claim.

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