Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Busyn]

In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, there are many topics that are very important to discussion. Frankenstein created a monster that he thought was going to be this great invention, but it turned out to be a curse that would end his life. We discussed in class if the monster had consciousness or not and we concluded that we were unsure. This topic was so difficult to put to end because of different definitions of consciousness and what certain people believe that it is. This idea of technology developing consciousness was discussed in Bill Joy’s article, Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us, and he explained that there should be fear within this discussion because it puts our importance on earth in jeopardy. Over the years, technology has been developing exponentially. Smartphones are getting more and more smart and fast and we all have a personal computer the easily takes down community computers a few years ago. Is there a point when the exponential increase will stop? Or will it grow more and more until robots take over the world.

It is very important to use the knowledge obtained by Joy’s article to access the possibility of there being a real monster one day. Frankenstein quickly abandoned his creation after being disgusted by its appearance. This abandonment pushed the monster to make sense of his life on his own and to eventually make Frankenstein’s life a living hell. Frankenstein always had an immense interest in science. No one believed that he could achieve something great and he didn’t like that. He was determined to prove them wrong and that persistence blinded him from the true evil he was creating.

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