Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Alvarado]

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel that has transcended the passage of time, a story about how advancements in technology can lead to disaster. Victor Frankenstein, though not necessarily an inventor of new technology, creates a monster due to his desire to incorporate science to make something new. Today, we see new inventions made every day. Frankenstein’s “monster” can be a representation of some of these modern technological advancements, especially Artificial Intelligence. AI technology is much like Frankenstein’s monster because we create AI computers to be similar (or even superior) to ourselves. Victor thought that his creation would be good for society and could possibly lead to the ability to create and restore life. AI technology has a similar goal in that its inventors hope that their creation would not only speed up the advancement of technology but more importantly make life easier for humans. Shelley also foresees a tragic outcome where the new creation becomes a monster and terrorizes the area. This is also a parallel to the fears associated with artificial intelligence, like the domination over the human race or the end of privacy. Shelley’s Frankenstein continues to be relatable to our society, regardless of the age of the novel, because there exists a seemingly ever present fear that comes with the advancement of technology and knowledge.

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