Frankenstein short thoughts [Amoura]

Technology is a main theme that can be focused primarily on victor and his disastrous monster in the first edition of “Frankenstein”. As we discussed in class, there is many similarities between the monster’s ability to be conscious and the possibility of humans creating an artificial intelligence that can gain consciousness. These interactions teach the reader two things. The first being that we should stay and be in control of the monsters we create that being physical or mental. In today’s world of rapidly changing technology constantly outdoing what came before, it is essential that the creator of such technologies insures they never transform into something that is not understandable but instead train and supervise the technology to be controllable and useful to society.  On the contrary, the second thing may be a warning to inventors and scientists alike to not create something they are not fully able to understand or comprehend. Victor in Frankenstein completely abandoned his creation causing it to be out of his control entirely. One can argue that the actions of the monster can be directly blamed on the real monster Victor who ran away in fear of his own creation. Frankenstein creates a moral dilemma between the advancements of science and weather we should pursue these advances. If technology gets to the point of self-consciousness, is it ethical to play the part of a creator?

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