Long Sentence [Rai]

While most technology has had positive impacts on the styles of writing throughout history, such as making it easier to create pieces of writing, making it easier to compare and contrast your own writing with other people’s writing, and creating easier ways to standardize genres of previously very erratic and individual styles, it has also had its discontents, such as the slow erasure of the artistic side of writing, a move towards the more impersonal versus previously more personal parts of writing, and the sacrifice of literary freedom in the styles of writing to gain a sense of efficiency, to name a few; and although most forms of writing technology have not had a net negative impact on the development, study, and practice of writing, it has changed the art of writing in ways that have sacrificed some of the pillars that processes of writing have stood upon since language was invented, which has led to the art of writing becoming more of a professional skill, which is why writing has become so standardized and formalized to the point of becoming an impersonal, efficient and generalized affair.

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