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Technology has completely transformed society within the past few centuries, introducing an abundance of concepts and creations that seem to simplify complex tasks. With nearly every problem that our society faces, there is someone who seeks a solution. This zeal for innovation has led to immense progress, however technology has its flaws, of course, and our dependence on it has become somewhat dangerous. On top of this, today’s technology has drained many people of their charisma and of their presence. We see instances of this when we check Twitter to receive updates on what is happening in the world, rather than experiencing the world for ourselves, or when we abandon quality, face-to-face interactions to instead exchange quick, emotionless texts. Overall, technology has advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in this world, but it is up to us to draw a line where we feel that technology does more harm than good.

Through my own experiences, I have definitely seen both the good and the bad sides of technology. Still, I remain skeptical as I often find that investing too much time and energy into this sort of impalpable lifestyle causes people to miss out on what is actually important.

For example, my younger brother, Cameron, is consumed by technology. In trying to relieve himself of boredom, he plays video games constantly, rarely stepping outside of his room. Although my brother insists that playing video games is his favorite thing to do, I have found that he is most irritable and distant when he is mindlessly locked into his virtual world. As time has progressed, my brother has become more and more addicted to video games and less in touch with what many would consider to be the most important aspects of life. To be more specific, Cameron is failing multiple classes, because he prioritizes playing video games over doing homework or studying for tests.  On occasion, he even refuses to sleep so that he can continue playing his game, therefore demonstrating how a cure for boredom can become a new issue in itself. Cameron has also developed anger management issues since he began playing video games, leading him to lash out at people who only show him care and compassion. Lastly, my brother lacks strong connections with any real human as a consequence of him isolating himself in his game room.

My brother’s own interactions with technology have led me to believe that sometimes, advancements in knowledge and science can actually take us a step backwards from what we are trying to achieve. In this case, video games have actually captivated my brother’s attention in such a way that they now absorb the majority of his time, leaving him little room to manage his responsibilities or enjoy the company of friends and family. The original goal of these games, however, was to entertain between activities. As a result, we see how a solution can form problems of its own, doing the reverse of its intentions.

Clearly, technology offers a wide range of possibilities, but it can also diminish a person’s spirit and sensibility, as illustrated by my brother’s abstract connection to the digital world, and the isolation and discontent that it brings. It is certainly in our best interest to utilize technology with caution to avoid creating more problems in trying to diminish slight inconveniences. Afterall, becoming too reliant on something that is not always reliable can have catastrophic defects. With these precautions in mind, we can continue to use technology to progress and to better society, rather than watching technology strip society of its integrity.


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  1. As we discussed in office hours, use the beginning of the post as an on-ramp to get to the story about your brother as quickly as you can, then broaden out to your concerns about biotechnology (cloning, etc.)

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