Technology Final [Busyn]

Since the beginning, the development of technology has been a key influence in the growth of humanity. We are now able to connect with the rest of the world at a push of a button. It is nearly impossible to avoid technology within one’s community in a given day. Technology made society what it is today, but it brought about much debate as to how much of it is beneficial.

Every morning hundreds of thousands of iPhone alarms sound to wake up the nation. It is an instant reaction for one to pick up their phone and check if they have any new notifications. This checking of the phone has quickly turned into part of everyone’s daily routine. There is a sudden attachment to a cellphone that has become clear in recent years. When on your phone, can you connect to the world around you? Or can you not see what is right in front of you. Cellphones have quickly become an obsession rather than a necessity.

I used to believe that having a cellphone in my pocket 24/7 was a strictly positive aspect to my life. I soon came to realize that there is much negativity that comes from this distraction and possible obsession. Every time I don’t feel my phone in my back pocket, a sense of panic comes over me. I now recognize that my phone can be a sense of comfort for myself, but that sense of comfort easily becomes an unnecessary priority.

One day in AP US History class, I found myself squinting at the smart board. I began to wonder if I have been having trouble seeing it for a while or if this was a new thing. Every day after I noticed this, I attempted to recognize if I was just tired the other day, or if my eyesight was getting worse. Day after day I caught myself squinting at the board while taking notes and knew that it wasn’t going to go away. The next week I took a trip to the eye doctor. I had 20/20 vision my whole life and when the doctor told me that I needed glasses, I quickly wondered where that perfect eyesight went. I began to zone out until the doctor asked me the question, “Do you use your phone at night while you’re in bed?”

Every night before I go to sleep I go on my laptop and watch Netflix. Along with that, I continuously check my phone for Snapchats from my best friend. I never realized the problem until the eye doctor told me about how the contrast of the phone lighting and the surrounding darkness damages your eyes overtime. I knew that this was the culprit for my no longer perfect vision. Now, every time I reach for my glasses in class, I remember that I am the only one to blame.

Everyone can agree that technology has made the lives we live significantly easier. Even though it make life much easier, we can’t be blinded from the fact that we are going blind. This simple act quickly became a detrimental distraction to our being. We must begin to think about how much use is too much. I will not be distracted from the world in front of me because of a cellphone.

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  1. This is good for a first draft; the assignment was to write about a formative experience you had with technology, and you kept the focus on your experience. Try to be as specific as you can about the aspect you’ve chosen (health impacts — mental and physical — of smartphone use).

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