Gibbon Sentence [Uluc]

I am addicted. Addicted to the feel of the cold glass screen against my fingertips. Addicted to the concept of knowing what is going on at all times. Enamored with the feeling of being in control of the life I appear to have. I got my first laptop at the young age of 10. In result, the dark world of social media sucked me in before I even knew what was going on. Social media has shaped my life greatly, but in a way that is not so great. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder what is happening on all of my social media platforms. I constantly need to know what all of my friends are posting. My phone is the first thing I reach for when I wake up and the last thing I touch before I go to sleep. If I don’t have my phone on or near me I feel this horrible anxiety and Im not exactly sure why. Sometimes I find myself wondering what it would be like to be free of this burden, to not care about the device that holds my entire world. But I am almost certain I will never know, because I can not see myself being anything other than addicted.

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