World Mental Health Day 2019



October 10, 2019 is World Mental Health Day!

World Mental Health Day takes place on October 10th every year to raise awareness for mental health advocacy around the globe. 

Our everyday lives at USD can be hectic, and that can lead us to forget the importance of a happy, healthy mind. But mental health is not “one size fits all,” so the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion decided to ask the members of our community: “How do you take care of your mental health?”  

This year, World Mental Health Day is focused on suicide prevention and awareness, or “40 seconds of action.” According to the World Health Organization, we lose a life to suicide every 40 seconds, and it’s among the top three causes of death in people ages 15-29. You can help make a difference through awareness, education, and advocacy. 

Being informed about the resources available on USD’s campus, and knowing the warning signs to recognize, can help if you, a friend, or colleague are ever struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Signs that someone may be experiencing depression or suicidal ideation can include expressing hopelessness or loneliness, increased substance use, disruption in sleep patterns, extreme mood swings, and isolation. 

If you notice these behaviors in someone you know, talk to them, express your concern and support, and help direct them toward an on-campus wellness resource.