Psychology: APA Citations

This in-class assignment was submitted by Dr. Sara Appleton-Knapp from the Department of Psychological Sciences.

Dr. Appleton-Knapp’s APA Style Reference Activity is an exercise to help students practice their APA citation skills.

In this activity, students must rewrite 12 references in correct seventh edition APA Style. Students should pay attention to both the order and format of the elements in each reference. They can use a word processing program to move elements into the correct order and apply formatting (e.g., italics, hanging indent). They should also add, edit, or remove other elements (e.g., fix capitalization, add punctuation) as needed.

Dr. Appleton-Knapp shares how this assignment can be helpful for students as “they notice things differently when they have to do it themselves.”

You can find the answer key that accompanies this assignment here.

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