Welcome to the Core Advanced Writing (CADW) Resource Hub, a growing collection of teaching tools for Writing Program Affiliated Faculty at the University of San Diego. The purpose of this site is to provide an interdisciplinary space for faculty who teach CADW courses. Faculty are invited to share and use resources that support CADW learning outcomes. This space also posts announcements and information about upcoming CADW Faculty Workshops.

Download the CADW Rubric

The Core is currently finalizing its CADW rubric, but you can download this version (attached as .docx file). For ideas on how to incorporate this rubric into your syllabus, lesson plans, and grading, see this slide presentation prepared by Debbie Finocchio, Assistant Core Director.

Other Resources and Contacting the Writing Program

The Writing Program also manages the First Year Writing (FYW) Resource page, which provides resources and tools for Writing Program faculty who teach FYW classes. To contact us, send an email to writingprogram@sandiego.edu.