Welcome to the Writing Program Digital Archive, a resource for Writing Program faculty at the University of San Diego. This site currently provides resources for First Year Writing (FYW 150), but will expand to provide resources for additional courses.

Planned content for this site includes:

  • FYW 115 and 110 Resources
  • Faculty Workshop Information

Also planned (to come soon!) is site with Core Advanced Writing (CADW) class resources for instructors in English and other disciplines who are teaching CADW courses.

Our Mission:

The Writing Program recognizes that different disciplinary communities draw on distinct practices, discourses, and genres of writing.  This knowledge guides the Program in supporting the development of undergraduate writing throughout the Core Curriculum, from the First Year Writing (FYW) course to advanced writing and research projects within majors across disciplines.  USD’s commitment to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition means that we value writing and argument as indispensable tools for rational inquiry, as well as for the kind of thoughtful and ethical investigation that creates compassionate citizens.