First Draft [Etherington]

The main conflict in Frankenstein is between the daemon and Victor, the books main protagonist. The conflict arises after the creation of Frankenstein’s master piece, whom he created. Shortly after the passing of his mother, Victor becomes fascinated with the idea of being able to create life himself. After a few years studying science at the University of Ingelstodt, Victor finally succeeds in creating his creature shortly before he has to return back to his home in Geneva.

If a person has dedicated his or her life to science and has discovered a way to create life, this person should be very cautious of the creature they’re bringing into the world. No scientific experiment can ever be one-hundred percent correct, and the product of an experiment is never truly known. The ambitions and actions of such a creation can cause mass repercussions for any person involved, as seen in Frankenstein by Victors constant turmoil.

The person who is given the ability to perform such a creation must claim full responsibility over a such a creation. Scientists in general claim full responsibility to their experiments, always taking account the results of such a creation whether good or bad. Victor is meant to take full responsibility for his monster and for the destruction the monster has caused. In modern day society if a person has created some form of device or creature, such as a lethal drug, they are held accountable for the repercussions caused by that experimental product.

The responsibilities of the person who created such a device/creature should taken on the responsibility for caring for, monitoring, and possibly terminating the creature. Victor failed to take any responsibility over the creature and its actions, instead he completely neglected his creation and his responsibilities.

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