Gibbons Paragraph [Karam]

God is always watching over us and guiding us. But for some reason, his unconditional love and care for us, does not take away the fear i have for the future. The unknown scares me, and for some reason, for someone who believes in God, I do not have a lot of faith in him. My biggest fear in this world is: what will happen when I die? Yes, as a catholic, my faith teaches me that there is a life with God in heaven, after death. It teaches us that that is the most peaceful place and what all Catholics await for. But for some reason, thinking about that place, overcomes all of my happiness and eagerness about the future. I am at the most unease state of mind, when I think about that life after death. Any time I allow myself to sit alone, in silence and solitude, away from all distractions, all I can do is think about this uncertainty. I spend all of my life being loud and surrounded by energy, because it keeps me distracted and keeps me from thinking about my fear

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