Legislature Introduces Bill Requiring Cultural Competency Training for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

By Sarah Dahm AB 2194 (Ward), as introduced February 15, 2022, would add sections 4202 and 4231 to the Business and Professions Code to require that one hour of the 30 continuing education hours required for license renewal as a Continue reading

Law Requiring That Most Prescriptions Issued by a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner to a California Pharmacy Must be Submitted Electronically Takes Effect

By Steven Funk On January 1, 2022, section 688 of the Business and Professions Code became effective, requiring that all prescriptions issued by a licensed healthcare practitioner to a California pharmacy must be issued electronically unless specified exemptions are met. Continue reading

New Laws Regarding Security Prescription Form Requirements and CURES Reporting

By Anna Schwartz On January 1, 2021, two laws imposing security prescription requirements on pharmacists and other licenses went into effect after nearly three years in the making. In September 2018, California first enacted AB 1753 (Low) (Chapter 479, Statutes Continue reading