Public Forum on Southern California Edison Rate Increase Requests


By Erol Kilic

On April 10, 2024, the CPUC will hold a final public forum for Southern California Edison (SCE) customers to comment on SCE’s proposed electricity rate increases for 2025 through 2028. The first two public forums were held virtually on March 5 and March 20, 2024, while the April 10, 2024, public forum will be accessible in-person only. The public forum will begin with a summary of SCE’s rate increase proposal, followed by a public comment period. At least one SCE representative will be available to answer questions regarding individual customer bills or service issues. The public may also make their voices heard on the proceeding’s Docket Card if they are unable to attend in-person.

This final proceeding will determine the total revenue that SCE is permitted to collect through rates from its customers from 2025 to 2028. SCE requested permission to raise electricity rates to cover various costs, including general operations management, equipment maintenance, customer account management, and customer service provision. SCE further requests authorization to collect $7.264 billion in 2025 to cover such expenses and identified some major expenses including: (1) $3.024 billion for depreciation; (2) $1.258 billion for distribution; (3) $1.149 billion for administrative and general expenses; (4) $1.14 billion for taxes; (5) $148 million for customer accounts; (6) $143 million for transmission; and (7) $106 million for customer service and information.

SCE estimates a 10.3% ($17.49) increase on typical monthly residential bills in 2025, followed by a 2.7% ($5.14) increase in 2026, a 2.6% ($5.11) in 2027, and 2.7% ($5.26) in 2028 if the rate increases are approved. The Administrative Law Judges assigned to this proceeding are scheduled to issue a Proposed Decision for consideration by the CPUC within one year. No official action will be taken on the requested rate increases at the public forum.


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