Psychology: Writing Spiral

This article describing the “Writing Spiral” (a collection of writing resources for students), was written by Dr. Traci Guiliano, a Professor of Psychology at Southwestern University.

Dr. Guiliano recognized the lack of a widely-accepted resource geared toward helping faculty teach psychological writing to students. In response to this gap, Dr. Guiliano created this. This folder of handouts contains 9 different documents that are meant to aid students who are conducting research in the discipline of Psychology. The Writing Spiral includes the following:

  • A discussion phrases cheat sheet
  • An APA citation guide, template, and examples
  • A step-by-step guide to writing an APA paper
  • Manuscript comment codes (for instructors to use, but meant to be shared with students)
  • A sample student paper in APA style
  • A transitions cheat sheet
  • A “dos and don’ts” guide for language in scientific writing

Article: The “Writing Spiral”: A Practical Tool for Teaching Undergraduates to Write Publication-Quality Manuscripts

Writing Spiral:

This resource was shared with CADW faculty by Dr. Cawa Tran from the Biology Department.

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