I teach both lower and upper-division undergraduate courses at the University of San Diego. My courses are typically interdisciplinary, and I aim to provide students with a learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving. Most courses that I teach have an integrated lab component, and we complete hands-on activities in both lab and field settings. As a teacher, my goals are to excite students about science and the process of learning, and teach the skills necessary for students to become successful in their scientific careers and everyday life.


Courses taught at USD:
  • Life in the Oceans (ENVI 121)
  • Organisms and Ecosystems (EOSC 123)
  • Introduction to Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences (MARS 120/MARS/EOSC 220)
  • Research Applications in Environmental and Ocean Sciences (ENVI/MARS 494, 494W; EOSC 301W; EOSC 301)
  • Marine Environment (MARS 300/427)
  • Marine Community Ecology (MARS 464/513; EOSC 432/532)
  • Undergraduate Research (ENVI/MARS/EOSC 496)
  • Senior Seminar (ENVI/MARS/EOSC 495)
  • Psychology and Ecology of Environmental Issues (HNRS 370/371)


Field photos from classes:

Mission Bay field work

Measuring snails at Cabrillo National Monument

Searching for bivalves in Kendall Frost reserve

Intertidal surveys, Dike Rock

Plankton sampling in Mission Bay

Collecting water samples from Mission Bay