Former lab members

Undergraduate student researchers:

Elizabeth Bushnell: Thermal tolerance of newly settled Chthamalus fissus barnacles (see results here), and effects of the predatory gastropod Mexcanthina lugubris lugubris.

Eleanor Brown: Size-frequency distribution of the owl limpet (Lottia gigantea) in the rocky intertidal.

Haley Cahill: Impact of thermocline on vertical distribution of barnacle larvae.

Robyn Cates: Distribution of Zoobotyron verticillatum in Mission Bay, San Diego, CA.

Allison Durland Donahou: Population dynamics of Emerita analoga.

Dana Flerchinger: Reproductive cycles and parasitism of adult barnacles in La Jolla, CA.

Diana Fontaine: Settlement dynamics of barnacles in La Jolla, CA rocky intertidal.

Emily Gardner: Night and day differences in cuttlefish camouflage ability.

Olivia Hager: Impacts of ocean acidification on larval shore crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes, behavior.

David Martinez: The effects of temperature and salinity on growth rates of the invasive ascidian Botrylloides violaceus in Mission Bay, California.

Nikki Milan: Population dynamics of an invasive species of bryozoan within Mission Bay, San Diego, CA.

Megan Mir: Vertical distribution of larvae.

Monica Oddo: Larval ingress into Mission Bay, San Diego, CA.

Meredith Olson: Nearshore vertical distribution on barnacle larvae.

Jill Pryor: Vertical distribution of barnacle larvae in high swell events in La Jolla, CA.

Brendan Qiu: Defensive morphologies of the barnacle Chthamalus fissus.

Marisa Swiderski: Influence of significant wave height on the vertical distribution of barnacle larvae.

Allison Tennyson: Population dynamics of the owl limpet (Lottia gigantea) in the rocky intertidal.

Zoe Virta: Early juvenile mortality of barnacles.

Hannah Warde: Barnacle larvae in the surf zone.

Nicole Yamada: Larval distribution of bryozoans in the nearshore.


Graduate students: theses titles

Sean Hitchman (2011): Age-specific association with potential adult habitat in larval bocaccio, Sebastes paucispinis, in the Southern California Bight. (Published paper here)

Bri Tracy Sawdey (2013): Temporal and spatial variation in native and non-indigenous ascidian settlement within fouling communities in Mission Bay, San Diego, California.  (Published paper here)

Anthony Basilio (2016): Settlement of larval spotted sand bass (Paralabrax maculatofasciatus) within Mission Bay, San Diego CA in relation to environmental conditions(Published paper here)

Malloree Hagerty (2017)Vertical and cross-shore distributions of barnacle larvae in La Jolla, CA nearshore waters: implications for larval transport processes.  (Published paper here and here)

Kate Hargenrader (2018)The temporal and spatial dynamics of larval supply, settlement, and adult populations of Chthamalus fissus within the La Jolla, California rocky intertidal

Gabby Yamhure (2020): Nearshore vertical distribution of barnacle cyprids: temporal patterns and hydrographic variability


Research technicians:

Anthony Basilio

Chris Bayne

Colin Gaylord

Malloree Hagerty

Jamie Irving

Meredith Meyers

Marisa Swiderski


High school student researchers:

Hannah Otte: Impacts of ocean acidification on larval shore crab morphology.

Gaby Quevedo: DNA analysis of fish eggs.

Isabel Roji: Burrowing behavior of the mussel Arcuatula senhousia in different sediment types.