Effective Solutions to Global Poverty

Do we have a moral duty to help the global poor? If so, what is the best way of discharging that duty?

In my new series of videos from Learn Liberty, I explore some answers to these questions. Check them out below!

Drowning ToddlerWould You Save the Drowning Toddler? [August, 2015]

Someone who let a child drown in front of them just to keep their clothes from getting wet would be a moral monster. But are we really any better?


Economic GrowthHistory’s Most Successful Anti-Poverty Program: Economic Growth [August, 2015]

The most successful anti-poverty program in the history of the world isn’t really a “program” at all.


DonationWorld Poverty vs. Charity that Works [August, 2015]

When it comes to trying to solve the problem of world poverty, we’ve spent big money on a lot of big ideas. Is there a better approach?


Basic IncomeShould Llibertarians Support a Basic Income Guarantee? [August, 2015]

What if we could make the welfare state less bureucratic, less paternalistic, and more effective at helping the poor?